Over the years we have seen many people enter the art of tattooing through our apprenticeship program.

This program is designed for the beginner as well as advanced tattooist.

Some artistic ability is good, but being energetic, teachable and determined to succeed are qualities that are more important to us!

Please Take This Seriously!

Back in the day we used to butcher our friends in our kitchens and garages, all over the country, because we wanted to learn to tattoo. In today's world this is no longer acceptable: the risks are just too great, and the local authorities are coming down on "scratchers" in Clark County.


This year the Washington State legislature will begin discussions on "internships" (apprenticeships). When the bill goes into effect our shop will be allowed to get a special license that tells you, the consumer, that we have enough experience to teach you the art of tattooing. After that, you will have to have an internship as a requirement of licensure, much like the requirements that exist in Oregon today.

This will make our apprenticeships more valuable than ever: it will also likely make them more expensive. Our promise to you is that we will not ever raise the price on you after you begin your apprenticeship here. We also promise that we will be first in line to apply for this and will make certain that our program includes all the criteria the State of Washington requires. If you finish your program before this bill is enacted (the state is notorious for being slow, slow, slow...) we will not require you to repeat your apprenticeship in order to receive our certification.

Why is Tattooing so Desirable?

For those of us who are naturally gifted and who love the arts there are very few ways for us to express ourselves, find acceptance in our communities and, by the way, make a decent living while doing something we love. TATTOOING is one of those ways.

Let's face it: TATTOOING is here to stay... INK is in the bloodstream of the American People. Who Wouldn't want to be a part of this profitable and enjoyable trend?

The First Step is the Hardest!

"it'll be too hard," "it'll cost too much," "I'm not good enough!"

These are just a few of the unpleasant and unproductive thoughts that keep people from realizing their dreams! Don't be one of those that miss out because they didn't take that all-important first step! It doesn't cost a thing to get the information! So take that finger and put it to good use, typing out a simple email requesting a brochure... We, here at Columbia Tattoo & Piercing, will do the rest!

Requirements: You MUST be 18, that's the law. No Drugs.

Please Note: This is NOT a job offer and is not likely to lead to employment at Columbia Tattoo.